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Women's History Month

Because Her Story

Celebrating Women's History Month 2021




In 1980, the National Women’s History Project (NWHP) was founded in Santa Rosa, California by Molly Murphy MacGregor, Mary Ruthsdotter, Maria Cuevas, Paula Hammett, and Bette Morgan to broadcast women’s historical achievements.

The NWHP started by leading a coalition that successfully lobbied Congress to designate March as National Women’s History Month, now celebrated across the land. Since, the beginning, the project has established the theme for women’s history each year and provided resources and materials for education and celebration of the women honored.

In 2018, the project transitioned to the National Women’s History Alliance (NWHA) to better support the study and celebration of women’s history all year long. The NWHA continues to employ the collaborative spirit of the original project and works with women’s history organizations throughout the country to ensure that the incredible contributions of women are remembered and celebrated.

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smithsonianlogThe Smithsonian launched the American Women’s History Initiative—Because Of Her Story—in 2018. The initiative is one of the country’s most ambitious undertakings to research, collect, document, display, and share the compelling story of women. It is inclusive, highlighting the stories of those who identify as women and those who were designated female but self-identify differently.

With a digital-first mission and focus, the initiative uses technology to amplify a diversity of women’s voices—not in one gallery or museum, but throughout the Smithsonian’s many museums, research centers, cultural heritage affiliates, and wherever people are online—reaching millions of people in Washington, D.C., across the nation, and around the world.

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