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Wolcott English 101


When using websites, the most reliable and reputable sources will be .gov and .edu websites. If you are using .org, you will need to evaluate the source further to see if the site is reliable. If .org sites can back up their information using facts, statistics, citing studies, or presents information that leads to .gov or .edu websites, then they can be used. Also look for their affiliations and whether their information is presented in an unbiased manner.  Remember, not all .org websites can be reliable (ex: Wikipedia), so you will need to take your time in evaluating them. For more information on how to evaluate different types of web resources, please refer to the following page, found on the VVC library website:

Evaluating Web Sites 

For specific web sites the library has deemed useful, please refer to the following page:

Internet Resources

Website Links

Here, I will list specific website links once everyone has picked a research topic. In the meantime, here are some general links that you may find useful: