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How to Use CQ Researcher: Organizing Your Research

Cite Your Sources Accurately

It's important to cite your sources accurately. CQ Researcher offers a "Cite" link for each article on the site. Select the option, and you will see a new side window which will allow you to select your preferred format-MLA, APA, Chicago, and Blue Book. Be aware that these citations are computer generated and may not be correct. Always check your handbook for citation accuracy. The pre-formatted citations on CQ Researcher are updated as the style rules change, but it's always a good idea to double check before submitting your final paper.

Organize Your Research

View/Download PDF, Email or Print the Article

Use the "View PDF" button that appears at the top of the article page to view and download the article. Please note that not every article has this option available. Use the "Email" link to send a direct link of the article to your email or to send the article to another person. You can also "Print" the article by first downloading the article as a PDF, then use the print icon in the Adobe Acrobat Reader to print. If you have a CQ Researcher account, you also have the option to "Save" the article to your folder. If all of these options are available to you, then the buttons will appear at the top of the page for the article.




Create a CQ Researcher Account

Create an account on CQ Researcher for free in order to save documents and searches. 

First click on the  "Using CQR" tab on the webpage, and then click on the "Log in to your profile" link. It will take you to a page where you will enter a username and password in order to create a profile. After you create a profile, you will be able to:

Your Profile

By creating a profile, you can save favorite searches and documents for future reference. If you do not create a profile, this information will only be saved for the current session.
Document History Displays the last 25 documents you viewed on CQ Researcher.
Favorite Documents Enables you to save up to 50 documents for future reference. You can add a document to your favorites by clicking the appropriate box found in the document window or in search results. You can then select Favorite Documents to view all saved documents.
Saved Searches Enables you to save up to 25 searches for future reference. You can save a search from the search results page.