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OER Faculty Guide

ZTC Grant for Sociology AA-T Pathway

ZTC Award Program 2023-26 Completion and implementation by Fall 2025

Awards are available to all classroom faculty (adjuncts and full-time) at VVC who fall under the following pathway (also includes GE courses in this pathway):

Sociology - AA-T 

"To earn this degree complete the major coursework listed here with “C” grades or better and the following graduation requirements: 60 CSU transferable units; either the CSU General Education or IGETC (for CSU or UC) pattern; and a 2.0 minimum overall CSU GPA. Courses used in the major may also be counted in the general education areas. Courses used for this major may also be used to earn other degrees at VVC."

To increase the number of Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) courses at VVC and complete ZTC degree pathways, we are offering OER curriculum development and OER revision stipends. Our goal is to support classroom faculty interested in finding new, better, more equitable, and less costly ways to deliver quality learning materials to students. 

Faculty currently using traditional textbooks are asked to convert to existing OER material or to adapt, remix, and/or create OER materials that are suitable for their course(s) and learning outcomes. Faculty who are already using OER are asked to review and revise/remix their material to ensure accessibility and culturally relevant content 

All awardees must use the OER materials associated with their awards in teaching assignments by the end of Fall 2025 and make a commitment to keep their course ZTC for at least the next three academic years.  

Awards will be dispersed through goal completion milestones (Tiers). Faculty may work in teams, but each team member must submit an individual application.  

Funding is limited. Depending on the number of applications we receive, higher impact courses may be prioritized for funding.