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Black History Research Guide


This guide is designed to assist students interested in Black History subjects, theories, and literature with locating Library resources for their research assignments. The guide is organized into steps that cover the basic research process for locating and citing relevant sources used in writing a paper or other projects. For general research assistance other than black history sources, view the links listed under Research Tools.

Subject keyword search terms related to Black History include:

African American Women • African Religion • African American Men • African American Education • Civil Rights Movements • Black Power • Black Nationalism • African Folklore • Haiti •  African American Arts • African American Actors • African American Entertainers • African Americans in the Performing Arts • Vodou • Ethnology Africa • Blacks Latin America • African Diaspora • Blacks Race Identity • Rhythm and Blues Music • Cooking, African • American Literature African American Authors • Harlem Renaissance • Segregation • Race Discrimination • Black Panther Party • African Americans. World War, 1939-1945 • Martin Luther King Jr • Ida B. Wells • Langston Hughes • Rosa Parks • Malcolm X • Nelson Mandela • Harriet Tubman• African American Studies • Black Lives Matter Movement • African American Youth