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Graphic Novels and More: About Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels & Manga

What's the difference between a Manga, Graphic Novel, & Comic Book?


A manga is a Japanese or Asian style comic book. it is read from right to left and are inked in gray scale. Many manga's are also lengthier than a typical "Western" style comic book.


A graphic novel is a stand alone work or a collection of comics in a single work that encompasses a single or entire story arc. Graphic novels are also lengthy, usually in color, and the stories may be more in depth or have greater intricacy than compared to a comic book. The story is told using sequential art and text. 


Comic books are published on a periodic basis (i.e. monthly, weekly, etc.), are usually inked in color, tells a story using sequential art and text, and are short in nature-40 pages or less. 


Even More in our Collection

Below are more examples of manga and graphic novels that you can find in our collection. They are located downstairs in the STACKS in the PN 6727-6728 and PN 6790 sections.

Comic Book Heroes

Graphic Non-fiction

Graphic Novels