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Country Studies Research Guide

Streaming Media Playlist

Below is a playlist containing some short and documentary length videos related to Country Studies (scroll down to see the entire list). You can take a further look at their Area Studies videos or search for videos like these via Films on Demand:

NOTE: In order to view the playlist from off-campus, you must be signed in to your MyVVC account.

1. Global Conflict (23:28)

2. Social Class, Stratification, and Mobility Around the World (25:33)

3. The Global Marketplace: The Benefits of Globalization (26:04)

4. Economic Development: A Global Challenge (36:13)

5. Mother Tongues: Languages Around the World (47:28)

6. Religions Around The World (48:14)

7. Sick Around the World (56:21)

8. Nationalism Is a Force for Good: A Debate (01:25:36)

9. Families of the World (Series)