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This guide is designed to assist students interested in LGBTQIA+ subjects, theories, and literature with locating Library resources for their research assignments. The guide is organized into steps that cover the basic research process for locating and citing relevant sources used in writing a paper or other projects. For general research assistance other than LGBTQIA+ sources, view the links listed under Research Tools.

Subject keyword search terms related to LGBTQIA+ include:

• Lesbian • Gay • Bisexual • Transgender • Transgender People • Queer • Asexuality • Intersex • Intersexuality • Gay Youth • Gay Teenagers • Gay liberation movement • Sexual Minorities • Gender Identity • Gender nonconformity • Homosexuality • Sexual Orientation • Gay rights • Coming out • Homophobia • Gays Violence against • Sexual minorities Mental health  • AIDS (Disease)  • HIV • Gay military personnel • Homosexuality Religious aspects • Gay Parents • Stonewall Riots • Same-sex marriage • Gay History • Queer Theory • Drag • [Name of Historical Figure] (without brackets)