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Graphic Novels, Manga, & Comic Books

Graphic Novels, Manga, & Comic Books

Graphic Novels and Manga

What's the difference between a Manga, Graphic Novel, & Comic Book?


A manga is a Japanese or Asian style comic book. it is read from right to left and are inked in gray scale. Many manga's are also lengthier than a typical "Western" style comic book.


A graphic novel is a stand alone work or a collection of comics in a single work that encompasses a single or entire story arc. Graphic novels are also lengthy, usually in color, and the stories may be more in depth or have greater intricacy than compared to a comic book. The story is told using sequential art and text. 


Comic books are published on a periodic basis (i.e. monthly, weekly, etc.), are usually inked in color, tells a story using sequential art and text, and are short in nature-40 pages or less. 


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