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How to Use Academic Search Complete: Organizing Your Research

Cite Your Sources Accurately

It's important to cite your sources accurately. Academic Search Complete offers a "Cite this item" link for each book chapter and article on the site. Select the option, and you will see a new window with a preformatted citation, in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. Click Copy to copy the preferred format. Be aware that these citations are computer generated and may not be correct. Always check your handbook for citation accuracy. 

Organize Your Research

Download, Email, Save, or Print the Article

Use the "Download PDF" button that appears on your search results page and on the individual article, book chapter, and pamphlet pages to download the article. Move your mouse over the "Share," then click on Email to send a direct link of the article to your email. You can also Print the article by first downloading the article as a PDF, then use the print icon in the Adobe Acrobat Reader to print. You can save the article to your Google Drive account by logging into your Google account and then clicking on the drive icon on the article page. The article will automatically save to your drive account and create a separate folder called Ebscohost, where all your files from Academic Search Complete will be stored.

with Google

If you sign in using your Google account, you can save articles, e-books, notes, searches, search history and more to your Ebsohost folder, and it will be saved each time you sign into the platform. 


Sign into Academic Search Complete using using your Google account. Click the sign in button on the right of the page of the database platform. 

After you do this, you'll be taken to a sign-in page that prompts you to sign in using your Google account. You can use any Google account. 

Once you do this, you'll be able to Save items to your Folder and create Notes, Saved Searches, Search Alerts and Journal Alerts. These items will be saved and organized on your Ebscohost account, which can be used and accessed across all Ebscohost platforms, not just Academic Search Complete.