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Legal Research Subject Guide


This guide provides an overview of legal resources available in the VVC library, primarily focusing on California legal research. Depending on the type of information needed - locating a case, identifying a code, answering a legal question - the guide lists relevant sources, both print and electronic, for each section. Remember that currency is a key component in legal research. Be sure to check the "pocket part" supplements for the most current revisions, cases and laws. Supplements can be separate, or inserted in the back of each volume.

Subject keyword search terms related to Legal Research include:

Law  •  Legal research  •  Criminal justice  •  Prisons  •  Jails  •  Prison reform  •  Criminals  •  Lawyers  •  Supreme Court  •  Court cases  •  Constitutional law  •  International law  •  Trials  •  Litigation  •  Law politics  •  Law reform  •  Corrections  •  Crime  •  Criminology  •  Juvenile delinquency  •  California law  •  Law reviews  •  Police  •  Judicial process  •  Judges  •  Judges United States  •  United States law  •  Legal briefs