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VVC Library: eBooks @ VVC Library

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eBooks @ VVC Library

The VVC Library has a collection of over 2,500 eBooks that are accessible through the Library Databases. The books are full-text and consist of both individual titles as well as multi-volume reference works. eBook databases include EBSCOhost, Salem Press, and Groves Virtual Reference Library (GVRL). The titles available in each collection are also listed in the Library's Online Catalog and identified as "Online." The EBSCOhost database also provides access to over 3,400 public domain titles from sources such as Project Gutenberg. The public domain titles are generally historic, classic works of fiction, drama, and poetry, as well as non-fiction primary sources from the fields of math, science, religion, philosophy, and American history.

Finding eBooks

Searching for eBooks
There are two main ways to search for eBooks from the VVC library website:

  1. Search the Library's Online Catalog to find eBooks by author, title, subject, or keyword. You can limit your search specifically to eBooks by using the Custom Catalog Search available under "Advanced Search." Titles can be accessed directly from the catalog by clicking the "URL" link that appears in each record.
  2. Search the individual eBooks database listed under "Article Databases" on the Library's website. Search options include Keyword, Advanced (author--title--publisher), and Category Browse.

Off-Campus Access
To access the eBook databases from off-campus, you will need a username and password. Students, faculty, and staff can obtain a password by completing the
"Remote Database Password Request" form. The remote password will allow off-campus access to eBooks and several other Library subscription databases.

Tip: To open eBook titles directly from the online catalog when off-campus, first login to remote database access and then navigate back to the library online catalog.

See a list of new eBooks here.

Note: Some EBSCOhost eBooks are limited to one person at a time and thus may not always be accessible. Once a title is returned, there is a 15 minute release period before it can be accessed by the same or another user.