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VVC Library: Pro & Con Controversial Issues

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Pro & Con Controversial Issues

The information below will assist you with choosing a controversial topic and finding research materials presenting both sides of an issue. Even if you are not writing a Pro & Con paper, these sources are a good starting point for providing background information on a topic and to help narrow your focus to one or two issues for your paper. Once you have identified the issues, you will be equipped to begin selecting articles from research databases, books, and other resources to support your viewpoint.

Article Databases


  • Taking Sides
    This is a series of volumes, each containing issues within a particular subject area: Bioethics, Education, Politics, Law, Psychology, etc. Each issue contains a background introduction, preceded by two opposing argumentative articles and a postscript summary at the end. The library also maintains a Keyword Index [PDF] to the series. (Recent editions are located in the Index-Ref. section near the Reference Desk. Older editions are located in the Library Stacks for circulation.)

  • Opposing Viewpoints 
    A series of volumes that in part makes up the content of the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database described above. Each volume focuses on a broad controversial topic (Gun Control, Hate Groups, Pornography, etc.) and includes pro and con articles on specific issues within the topic. (Located in the library stacks)

  • Information Plus 
    A good series for background and statistical information on a variety of contemporary social issues including Abortion, Capital Punishment, Immigration, and many more. Each volume compiles current and historical information taken from court decisions, public laws, public opinion polls, and statistical tables and charts. Current editions are located in the Index-Reference section near the Reference Desk. Past editions are available in the library stacks.
    Note: Separate titles are also available in eBook format within the Gale Virtual Reference Library via the Library

Web Resources