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Geography Research Guide

Streaming Media Playlist

Below is a short playlist containing some short and documentary length videos related to Geography (scroll down to see the entire list). You can take a further look at their Geography video collection or search for videos like these via Films on Demand:

NOTE: In order to view the playlist from off-campus, you must be signed in to your MyVVC account.

  1. Why Geography? (35:15)
  2. Geography of Tropical Forests (00:01:59)
  3. International Map of the World (00:03:41)
  4. How Physical Geography Influences Stereotypes (04:19)
  5. Changing Coastlines (00:05:03)
  6. River Landforms of the Lower Course (05:07)
  7. Earthquakes (00:06:17)
  8. Maps and Mapmaking (30:30)
  9. Geographers in the Field (33:03)
  10. Latitude and Longitude: A Global Address (33:30)

Huell Howser Archives

Made available through Chapman University, the university hosts the Huell Howser Archives, an online repository for Huell Howser’s programs. Visit the website to view the Huell Howser Archives.